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    For mastering reversi game

    powered by Edax

  • About ScoreNow

    ScoreNow is Android app specialized for studying Reversi game based on Edax which is powerful Reversi Engine.
    This app shows evaluations (analyzed scores) on Reversi game board now.
    It supports you to master Reviersi game.

    ScoreNow does not provide capability to play a game with AI.
    You only click “ScoreNow” button to analyze game status.
    Built-in powerful Reversi Engine “Edax” shows scores.



    How to input game board status:

    • Click on board (Toggle mode, Play mode)
       Toggle mode is changing state to black -> white -> none, when you click board
       And, you can set disc state by flick input (left-flick: black, right-flick: white, up-or-down-flick: none)
       Play mode is placing disc like to play game but you have to place both white and black discs.
    • Camera recognition
    • Load picture from your gallery
    • Load game records (kifu) such as "f5d6c3..."
    • Import game records from other app such as "Othello Quest" by sending function.


    For mastering reversi game:

    • Edax ver.4.4 which is the latest version (as of 2018/4) is build-in this app.
    • You can change the search level and the number of displayed evaluations (analyzed scores).
    • You can use your Edax book data instead of build-in book data.



  • Download

    Let's download ScoreNow from Google Play Store, and let's have fun!!

  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    (Take pictures and videos)

    • Using for camera recognition.


    (Read the contents of your storage)

    • Using for loading picture to recognize board state.
    • Using for loading Edax book data.

    This app never save any data in your storage and/or send any data via network.

    We comply with Japanese laws and regulations that apply to personal information. We will review and update this policy.


    We are not responsible of any loss or other detriments as a result of this app or the contents of this website.

    This disclaimer and the contents of this app and website are subject to change without notice.

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